Customized Diet and supplement strategy:

A key belief in the alternative health model is that illness dose not just happen overnight. Illness begins as a functional imbalance that when not taken care of, can manifest into a problem over time.

Designing a custom diet and supplement plan is started by getting some insight into your current state of health. The process consists of gathering and comparing key health identifiers which may consist of all or part of the following list: blood work up, hair analysis, saliva analysis, metabolic survey’s, nutritional response profiling, meridian balance assessment, health indexes such as body mass index, skin fat analysis, adrenal stress test and VO2 max testing.

With this information we can build a short or long term diet and supplement strategy to start your body healing and moving towards functional balance. This methodology can improve your metabolism, improve healing in specific areas, balance your cholesterol and blood pressure and help your body get to its optimal weight.

Whether you suffer with digestive disorders, endocrine imbalances, blood sugar issues, or are just recovering from an injury there are natural options available to help you get your health back on track.

If you would like to find out more about how this office can help you with a customized diet and supplement strategy please email with a brief synopsis of your issue.

This office uses the highest quality supplements available through practitioners:

Standard Process is respected around the world as a leader in whole food supplement manufacturing and known for its patented blends of protomorphogen extracts( tissue cell extracts).

Nutri-west is a manufacturer of high quality whole food-synthetic-herbal formula supplements. They currently produce the highest quality Omega 3-6 supplement blend that is based on the latest clinical research.

Metagenics is a pharmaceutical grade supplement manufacturer that runs clinical trials on all of their formulas.

Apex Labs is using the latest technologies to develop metabolic based supplements that have improved interaction at the cell level.