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The premise of these classes is not speed, but rather the building of solid fundamental techniques to practice and draw upon when riding. These are tools that you will use every time you ride and we will give you techniques for a variety of situations. Once you master these techniques and drop your bad habits control and confidence will improve and speed will develop naturally.

You will learn techniques for: balance, accelerating, braking, turning, jumping, logs, rocks, step ups, drop offs, ruts, roots, climbs, creeks and more.

Held in Pioneer, CA off of Hwy 88, these weekend series will consist of full day cross training sessions consisting of small group instruction from some of the best riders in Northern California (Dr. Mark, Colton Haaker, David Gassin, Ricky Rinauro).

You will practice on a watered and prepped natural terrain mx track, enduro x track, and single track trail (full prep by track builder Troy Burchby). Classes are open to all riders and small groups will broken down to skill level.

For 2014 there will be only 2 classes in Northern California. With other private classes being held out of state.

California dates are:

Price is $360 per weekend and must be paid in full by check on or before 2 weeks prior to class date. If a minimum number of participants is not met class class will be cancelled and your check torn up. A family discount is available for single payers. No group discounts. No refunds. If you are injured come anyway and learn by watching and listening. Last year in a Hawaii class two people were injured and participated this way. They said it was still worth every penny even though they did not ride. So apparently there are no excuses.

Your fees cover:

Any further questions feel free to drop me an email.

I hope to see all of you this summer.


Please read the reviews about our boot camp, and check out some photos.

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Sopiago Springs Resort is available throughout the riding season for dirt and street bike riding and events.
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