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Sports Chiropractic is a specialty with in chiropractic where performance optimization is as much the goal as pain and injury management. Combining the technology of Professional Applied Kinesiology with a certification in extremity management gives Dr. Mark the ability to successfully diagnose and treat the body’s entire kinetic chain.

Most people experience that receiving a “tune up” before a sporting event helps them “play” noticeably better. Some of the improvements that have been reported are: Better balance, improved focus, better response to action, more strength and endurance, a feeling of looseness accompanied by easier respiration and better recovery after the event.

Dr. Mark’s pre game tune up is a mind-body-organ protocol consisting of full body adjusting and meridian therapy that assures full integration of muscular, vascular, lymphatic, neurologic and visceral reflexes.

Dr. Mark utilizes a broad spectrum of techniques to treat common sports injuries. From foot/ankle/knee issues to wrist/elbow/shoulder injuries Dr. Mark treats the entire system including lymphatic and vascular reflexes to assure the quickest recovery and optimal strength and functionality. It is Dr. Mark’s opinion that if you can reset a sprained joint along with its associated muscle, lymphatic and vascular reflexes as soon as possible the amount of recovery time can be reduced by as much as 70%.

Dr. Mark’s protocols have a great effect on tendonitis and fasciitis which can eliminate the need for compression straps and dependency on anti-inflammatories.

During post-surgical recovery, combining Dr. Mark’s protocols with standard physical therapy assures the athlete will achieve full range of motion and recovery in the fastest amount of time. Essentially, Dr. Mark is treating all the sub systems that physical therapy is not. Therefore, your body recovers with more efficiency.

In addition to treatment protocols, Dr. Mark utilizes whole food/cellular extract nutritional products to assist in tissue specific healing. These products have proven to be instrumental in reducing healing times for damage to cartilage, ligaments, muscle, tendons, bones and organs.

If you have any questions how the protocols used in this office may help you or your family members function better please feel free to email questions to Dr. Mark or call 408-294-4074.