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Motorcycle racing is physically demanding. If you want to get the most performance out of your body, benefit from improved recovery times and heal faster from injuries then Dr. Mark has the answer for you.

Dr. Mark utilizes a science based system of protocols to help take the guess work out of what your body needs to reach ultimate performance. Developing the correct eating habits for your metabolism, supplementing your diet correctly and eliminating stressors and allergens are key components to tuning your body to run like a finely tuned machine.

Nutrition strategies begin with a comprehensive 1.5 hour exam and consultation. During this visit we will go over your history(current blood panels, conditions, drugs, etc.), perform a comprehensive symptom evaluation, draft a baseline of key health markers(body measurements, adrenal stress test, BMI indicators, reflex and strength tests), evaluate you against, food sensitivities, various pathogens and nutritional supplements(NRT) and take a hair sample for lab analysis.

Combining all this information, we can narrow down a functional imbalance profile and draft a customized diet and supplement regimen to support your specific needs. With this methodology we can apply a proactive approach to support your body’s weaknesses and/or imbalances.

Examples of the type of work done in this office:

Bob D. is a 42 year old male who owns his own business and likes to ride/race on the weekends. Bob got to a point where he was always tired and just didn’t seem to have the same intensity when racing. He tried a different multi vitamin and started drinking an energy supplement before riding. He thought he saw some short term improvement, but over the long run he continued to feel worse. From an evaluation we determined that he had a low functioning endocrine system, primarily pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands. We put him on a specific glandular rebuilding protocol for 3 months followed by a general adrenal support for another 3 months. He felt so much better after the first three months that his dependency on coffee to get through the day went down to zero cups. His energy levels and mental focus were higher and sharper. In retrospect he felt that the issue probably had developed slowly over the course of 2-3years, because he felt several years younger.

R. Smith a racer in his 40’s. He suffered a severe fracture of the lower leg. Due the nature of the breaks the bones were not pinned or plated. He was expected to be in a cast for up to 5-6 months. Over the next 12 weeks he was given a two part supplement designed to support bone metabolism. He made a fast and speedy recovery. His orthopedist was amazed, considering his age, how fast and far the initial healing process had progressed. He was back training weeks ahead of schedule.

Brian G. In a contract year, he sustained a 2nd degree acl sprain early in the season. Faced with surgery and missing most of the season, he opted to grit it out and try to hold onto his job. We used a functional taping strategy combined with specific strengthening exercises and supplemented aggressively with a ligament/cartilage support protocol. He never missed any training or racing. At the end of the season he had surgery to go in and clean a few old injuries up. A little maintenance so to speak. His orthopedist was amazed at the health of the soft tissue in the once injured knee. The ligament and surrounding tissues were strong and healthy with very little scar tissue being present. The tissue looked so good, at first he thought he was in the wrong knee.

Matt G. A 32 year old triathlete was training hard for Ironman. He had a very demanding, work, family, training schedule. He was in the third year of his program and noticing he was becoming chronically ill and his ability to recover was slowing down. He felt exhausted all the time. After the majority of testing performed by his MD came back negative, his doctor told him he just needed to take some time off. Actually it was not a bad recommendation. But, Matt was not to be deterred. After further evaluations in this office we put him on a specific nutritional protocol with the focus of balancing his mineral ratios. We also supported his pituitary gland to help his system produce a higher level of natural growth hormone. We adjusted his diet, which in his case, he was not eating enough good fat which the body can use as a hormone precursor. Combined with slowing his training schedule down we were able to get his body to recover in a couple of months. He managed to qualify for ironman and ended up finishing with a personal best time.

If you have any questions on how Dr. Mark can help you achieve a higher level of performance
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