Nutritional Response Technique:

Nutritional Response is a term applied to a muscle testing procedure where pathogens or nutritional products can be used as a test measure for change in specific muscle strength. This technique is widely used with in the Professional Applied kinesiology frame work and is also the most misunderstood and improperly copied technique. DO NOT confuse this with an unskilled person stating he/she is performing applied kinesiology. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, following specific protocol, this is a very powerful evaluation tool.

NRT as a form of testing is commonly used to evaluate functional balance of organ, glandular, neurologic, immune and muscle systems. The outcome of this form of evaluation is to determine interruptions in the nervous system from a reflex perspective in response to stimulus from either negative compounds (pathogens) or positive compounds (whole food based nutrition). This technique relies on what is known as the visceral-somatic relationship and uses key meridian points as evaluation points to determine weakness or measure correction.

The use of this technique identifies the correct nutritional compounds that should be used to speed the healing and recovery process. Combining this evaluation with other testing modalities such as history, symptom surveys, hair analysis, blood work up, and saliva testing gives a broader representation of a person’s current state of health. Proper nutritional support combined with meridian therapy and chiropractic adjusting provides a safe and holistic approach to restoring health.

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There have been many double blind studies performed over the years in an attempt to gain more knowledge on the effectiveness of this form of evaluation. To date the outcomes of the research have been equally mixed. Some research has supported effect and reproducibility and some research has not. An interesting outcome that has been consistent through out these studies is the fact that there has been a positive placebo effect shown. While the nutritional compound tested has always outperformed the placebo effect, like drug studies the placebo affect has been present.

With that said this form of evaluation is not an empirical test and is purely subjective. This leaves the accuracy and consistency of this form of testing to the ability and methodology of each individual practitioner.

In this office, this is a widely used test measure. The practitioner uses the same base line measurements on each assessment of every client to assure a consistent starting point, then follows the same protocol each assessment. Therefore, the outcomes are typically reproducible and approximately 90% accurate as an evaluation tool.

Disclaimer: Nutritional Response Techniques have been around and practiced for more than 40 years. They are not used as a definitive test to diagnose disease.

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