A Typical Office Visit

A first visit can take between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

The 1 hour office visit is a visit focusing on a structural injury or pain issue going on with the structure of the body, i.e. Neck pain, shoulder pain, low back, knee pain.

The 1.5 hour visit is typically oriented towards a functional problem, i.e. low energy, anxiety, depression, a diagnosed thyroid problem, or a weight management issue. This exam is longer because more time is spent on history.

Follow up visits typically take 45 minutes and as the body recovers visits tend to get shorter in length. The average visit duration is 20 to 30 minutes, but occasionally clients desire a quick pop in visit for an adjustment only. This typically runs 5-10 minutes.

Working with in the PAK frame work the client gets a mini exam and treatment each visit. In other words each treatment focuses on treating the issues that present that day. Therefore there is no cookie cutter treatment. As a client you will not receive the same treatment visit after visit. For example on your initial visit for low back and sciatic pain you may present with a weak glute and hamstring muscle. Over the next few visits the glute and hamstring may correct and the strength stabilize, but then the psoas muscle may show up weak. The next few treatments may be 50 or 60 % different than the previous, because your presenting symptoms changed. We are still working on the main problem, but altering the focus of the treatments in correlation with how your body is healing.

With this methodology we can hope for recovery in 50% of the time as compared to just doing a quick run of the mill office visit every time.

The treatments given in this office draw upon several technique options.

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