Focused initial exam/treatment: Approximatley 1 hour
Typically for one presenting problem. i.e. low back pain/injury.
Extended initial exam/treatment. Approximately 1.5 hours
Typically for 2 or more presenting problems or an in depth Nutritional Therapy consultation
Minimum Office Visit: Approx 5-10 minutes $35
Standard Office Visit: 20 minutes $50
Extended Office Visit: 30 minutes $75
Advanced Office Visit: 45 minutes $110
Full Office Visit: 60 minutes $150

The above chiropractic office visits consist of any of the following: adjustments, muscle, neurologic, exercise therapies.

Straight Massage Therapy: 30 minute increments $70
Disk Decompression: 30 minutes $65
Initial Disk Decompression series: 20 sessions $1200
Cellular Detox Session: $35
Cellular Detox 4 Session pkg $100
Celular Detox 12 Session pkg $250
Initial 21 day cleanse with supplements $229
Monday/Wednesday Core Class (per class) $12

Xrays: typically referred out to Valley Radiology Services Inc. when needed.
Billing arrangements are handled directly with Valley Radiology Services Inc. and the client.

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