42 Day Purification:

The 42 day purification is designed to keep one on track after completing the 21 day Purification Program. This second phase is not mandatory, but is an option for those that choose to keep on track and not fall back into their old habits.

The diet strategy begins to loosen up from the initial restrictive strategy of the 21 Day. In general, all food groups are now accessible, but the amount of each food group is controlled. If an initial hair analysis was performed then the changes will reflect the need based on the persons oxidation rate (the rate proteins, fats and sugars are metabolized).

The supplement program begins to focus on the individuals needs. The strategy typically continues with fiber support, adds in a fatty acid (omega 3 or 6) a form of which is specific to each clients needs, and a whole food multivitamin to assure balanced nutrient intake. If Nutritional Response Testing was performed and a functional imbalance was determined during the exam process nutritional support of this issue may also be addressed.

The custom exercise program will now become more intense.

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